Writer and Researcher

Writer and Researcher

My study, with research assistant

Notice: Due to ill health I am no longer available for research and writing work

My knowledge of the research sources for New Zealand studies is wide.

Some of that knowledge came through my academic training as an historian. Working as a researcher for the Waitangi Tribunal also helped. Mostly, though, that knowledge has come from my many years at the Turnbull Library, helping countless writers research their books, documentaries, family histories, novels, plays, feature articles and theses.

I am also a skilled writer. I have written books and articles, churned out blog posts and media releases, curated exhibitions and edited historical documents for publication. You can see some examples of my work in the Portfolio section of this website.

In short, I have a uniquely broad knowledge of New Zealand research sources, and the ability to use those sources for good, original, writing.

Please contact me if I can help with your research project.