The Remarkable Wiltshires - Another Look

 I've found a new photograph of Joseph and Catherine Wiltshire, professional pedestrians in the 1870s. I've written about them before, and here is a bit more.

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The Wonderful Miss Wilford

Here is my latest FishHead pictorial piece - a promotion, really, for the new exhibition, The Limelight Moment, now on at the Turnbull Gallery. It is another in what is proving to be a fine run of exhibitions. The Gallery deserves to be better known.

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The Lost History of Bill Sticking

Every month I do a Wellington piece for FishHead magazine. There is not much to them, just a few paragraphs accompanying a Turnbull Library image. Most of them go up on my Wellingtonians flickr site. However, that site only takes single images and sometimes the columns include a several-image collage. Here is one from several months back.  

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