Argo, Anzac Day and a Tweeting Swagman

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Every so often I will be writing about my wanderings through archives and history. To start with here are three blog posts, and a Youtube clip, all from my last year at the Turnbull Library.

The first blog is about a small acquisition that created a big media storm. The second is about Anzac Day and war diaries, and the third introduces one of my favourite historical characters, the very stoic Wairarapa casual labourer, James Cox. You can read more about him in later blogs. Finally, this YouTube clip, featuring a slightly wild-eyed curator, is part of a series put together by the National Library schools team, about research and primary sources.

Argo, Anzac Day, and a tweeting swagman

Top: The media line up for a look at the "Argo diary". Bottom left: "Its just hell here now" - the last entry in Alfred Cameron's Gallipoli diary. Bottom right: Wairarapa labourer James Cox, photographed in 1921. All images from Alexander Turnbull Library. See blogs for details.

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