James Cox, Carterton and me

My blog has been silent for too long. Here is a llttle restarter, about my fellow Carterton resident, James Cox

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The Remarkable Wiltshires - Another Look

 I've found a new photograph of Joseph and Catherine Wiltshire, professional pedestrians in the 1870s. I've written about them before, and here is a bit more.

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Our Most Maligned Book?

I have been reading Joyous Pilgrimage (1935) by Ian Donnelly

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Royal Tricyclists, Colonial Cracks, and more - Sport and Leisure up North

I've been researching up north, North-West England that is. Here's a short piece about it

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The Remarkable Mr Godber

Here is a blog about the remarkable Percy Godber of Petone. Originally it was a column for FishHead magazine, but I got carried away and added in lots more images. 

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