Sadly, David died on Sunday March 18. He wished followers of his blog to be informed, and thanked for their interest in his work. He was working on his George Smith book to the very end, but unfortunately was unable to complete the work that was so close to his heart.


I launched this website as part of my new career as a freelancing gentleman scholar.

Before then, for almost 25 years, I was Curator of Manuscripts at the Alexander Turnbull Library, the research library of the National Library of New Zealand. It was a wonderful job, and a hard decision to resign. But I wanted more time for my own writing.

Unfortunately, things have not gone quite to plan. I have been diagnosed with a serious and terminal illness. That has stymied my freelancing ambitions, and has made the next two pages, writer/researcher and archivist/curator, somewhat redundant.  I'm still working on my own writing projects, though, and you can follow my progress on the portfolio and blog pages.


(Above) Brendan O'Brien, collage using antique engravings, 80 mm x 100 mm.