I am a freelance writer, researcher, curator and archivist living in Wellington, New Zealand.

The freelance bit is new. For almost 25 years, until early 2014, I was Curator of Manuscripts at the Alexander Turnbull Library, the research library of the National Library of New Zealand. It was a wonderful job, and a hard decision to resign. But I wanted more time for my own writing.

One purpose of this website is to promote my literary endeavours. I have several research and writing projects underway and will be telling you more about them on my blog.

The other purpose is to help me earn a living. Becoming an author is not very lucrative. So, here I am, out there, on the market. Perhaps my skills will be useful to you.

EXTRA Since I wrote the above I have been made an Adjunct Scholar at the Library (see my blog of 5 April) . That gives me an office and computer,and some other privileges, and is proving to be a very congenial base for my research work.

(Above) Brendan O'Brien, collage using antique engravings, 80 mm x 100 mm.